Audrey Ricker


‘A Force of Nature’ as an Oncology Nurse

From physical therapy for pain to an emergency room visit ending up in a cancer diagnosis, a patient describes her experience with an oncology nurse with whom she attributes a positive recovery experience.

William Seavey


The Cancer Diagnosis That Seemed to Make Little Sense

A retirement counselor with bladder cancer shares the story of his diagnosis and his thoughts on treatment.

Cori Dubie-O’Connor


A Generous Caretaker for All Affected by Lung Cancer

After Kelsey Ahmed’s mother, Martha, was diagnosed with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer, Kelsey and her family got to work raising funds and spreading awareness for the American Lung Association.

Jenny Burkholder


One Nurse’s Devotion to Cancer Has Healed Many Patients

“I feel her strength, and because of Lorelei — the way she makes me feel comfortable and confident; the way she cares deeply for me, her other patients and colleagues; and her always professional attitude and manner — I realize that, like other obstacles, I will eventually be able to face this, too,” writes one nurse’s patient in an essay nominating her for CURE®’s 2022 Extraordinary Healer award.

Dr. Roshani Patel


Better Nutrition Can Help People With Cancer

An expert offers feasible tips on how patients with cancer can eat better — from incorporating quick and easy protein sources to effective supermarket shopping strategies.

Ann Bancroft


An Open Letter to My Newly Diagnosed Self

Looking back, here’s what I would tell myself shortly after being diagnosed with cancer.

Myli Vanegas


My Dear Friend and Cancer ‘Warrior’ Refuses to Fold

A cancer survivor describes an inspiring close friend who has been dealing with cancer for 13 years and refuses to give up.

Clay Fitzgerald


A Fighting Caregiver

An oncology nurse’s experience with her own cancer journey has made her a strong support system on several levels for patients with cancer.

Cathleen Chen


Daunting Firsts from Cancer

The firsts I experienced after receiving a diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer opened my eyes to the beauty of life.

Corina Chan


'Stronger Than the Storm' of Cancer

A woman who was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer shares a poem about dealing with the obstacles of a health crisis and the struggles of life in general.

Brittney Garcia


The Mind of Cancer

Cancer makes your mind wander in many strange directions. If ever you wanted to know what an emotional rollercoaster really felt like, get on the cancer coaster and go for a ride.

Andréa Leiserowitz


Although Many of Us Don’t Love the Idea of It, Exercise Can Help Reduce the Effects of Lymphedema

A physical therapist recalls how one of her patient’s with prostate cancer hated exercise when he first came to visit her, but then his mindset changed once he realized his lymphedema started to get under control.

Courtney Marabella


Study Results Champion Keytruda/Chemo as ‘New Standard of Care’ in TNBC Subset

The combination of Keytruda and chemotherapy improved survival rates in patients with PD-L1—positive metastatic triple-negative breast cancer.

Amy Nutial


Do You Ever Question Your Cancer Care?

I’ve always received impeccable care at my cancer center, but a recent experience made me feel like I was no longer a priority.

Natasha Carlson


Cancer’s Quicksand of the Past

While I have a good prognosis, I still sometimes find myself in cancer’s quicksand of the past, pulling me out of current moments of joy.

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Making Space for the Important Things in Life

A Navy veteran and football coach tackles prostate cancer diagnosis, with family’s support.

Noah Atkins


Cancer Questions and Unwanted Drips

A survivor of myxofibrosarcoma expresses his thoughts about cancer recurrence and treatment options in a poem.

Elizabeth de Jong


Recognizing an Oncology Nurse Who Has Been a Guardian Angel And Co-Pilot During a Patient’s Unexpected Cancer Journey

Every year, she helps coordinate fundraising for other lung cancer groups and research efforts. She is totally committed to the lung cancer community and her patients.

Lindsay Fischer


MRD Negativity May Be Achievable With Revumenib in Some Leukemia Subset

Children and adults with relapsed/refractory KMT2A rearranged acute leukemia may obtain promising response rates with revumenib, a novel targeted therapy.

Dr. David Siegel


Onward in the Fight Against Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month is a time to raise awareness both locally and nationally about efforts to fight myeloma.

Dr. David Weintritt


How to Talk to a Care Team About Post-Mastectomy Chest Numbness

Sensations in the chest after a mastectomy matter because they affect safety and quality of life, an expert said.

Amy Hicks, D.N.P., RN, ACCNS-AG, NEA-BC


Bridging the Cancer Care Gap

Not only does Amanda Kelm, B.S.N., RN, OCN, build a rapport with the patient and family, but she also assesses the patient and determines their proper mode of transportation.

Roger S. Platizky


A Patient's Cancer Positionality

There's irony in a healing place for a patient's cancer positionality.

Chelsey Gomez


Cancer Made Me Superstitious

After being diagnosed with cancer, I’m nervous to plan for my future, and can’t say I’m in remission without knocking on wood.

Dr. Mark Agulnik


Advances in Sarcoma Treatment and Future Directions

An expert writes about his experience as a sarcoma medical oncologist and how the field may progress with several therapies in the pipeline.

Nancy Brinker


Helping Underserved Women at the Community Level Can Be a Crucial Step Toward Reducing Deaths From Late-Stage Breast Cancer

Helping underserved women at the community level can be a crucial step toward reducing deaths from late-stage breast cancer. A grassroots initiative in Florida aims to contribute to that change and inspire the formation of similar groups.

Gina Stratton


Standing Strong Through Cancer Like a Bluebonnet

Bluebonnets are a tenacious flower, which have taught me to be tenacious through breast cancer.

Phyllis Yount, LCSW


Oncology Nurses Give To Their Patients Without Reservation

Oncology nurses not only give to their patients without reservations, but they also help their other nurses without reservations.