Marilyn Kochman


5 Reasons Why Cancer Is Not All Bad

Cancer comes with its many challenges and pitfalls, but that doesn't mean it has to all be bad news.

Sailaja Darisipudi


Patients, Survivors and Caregivers Share How Cancer Affected Their Identity

CURE® surveyed its audience to see if cancer has affected their identity. Here’s what they have to say.

Gloria Howard


My Care Team Got My Through My Breast Cancer Experience

Thanks to an amazing care team, I got through my breast cancer with little worry.

Louis Kopack


Honoring an Oncology Nurse Who Radiates Positive Energy Despite any Adversities

She advocates for her patients’ needs and escalates pertinent information to the interdisciplinary team to be able to provide the best care possible.

Sean Roberts


‘Gigantic Ray of Sunshine’ on the Cancer Floor

A patient describes a nurse manager he met while receiving treatment who he looked forward to seeing every day despite being busy with her daily duties.

Elizabeth Hicks


9 Essentials to Bring to Chemotherapy

After going through 14 rounds of chemotherapy to treat triple-negative breast cancer, I made a list of nine items I’m happy I had with me in the chemo chair.

Barbara Bigelow


An Ode to My Daughter During My Cancer Experience

My daughter continues to be there for me throughout my cancer experience, even on my most difficult days.

Marlon Garzo Saria


Tuesday Persists Until All Patients With Cancer are Taken Care Of

The care received by our patients (with cancer) has been described as “exemplary,” an incredible achievement for an infusion center that was a revolving door for short-term travel nurses with little-to-no full-time staff to provide the continuity of care that oncology nurses are well-known and admired for.

Rea Shqepa


Oncology Nurses Help Patients with Cancer Illuminate Life's Beauty

Oncology nurses are there for nearly every step of a patient's cancer journey, but along the way, they can help illuminate life's beauty.

Dr. Joshua Richter


Sundar Versus Goliath in the Fight Against Myeloma

If you were to meet Dr. Sundar Jagannath in a crowded room, you would not assume that he is one of the greatest myeloma doctors of all time.

Carla Melander


The Superhero Oncologist Who Saved My Friend From Cancer

A woman explains how her close friend achieved remission from stage 4 lung cancer after being treated by Dr. Bret Friday – a superhero in her book.

Theresa Zotto Noll


When a Lung Cancer Diagnosis Brings About a New Mission

After receiving an advanced non-small cell lung cancer diagnosis, a competitive runner and cyclist began running toward a new goal: becoming a lung cancer advocate.

Yulia Stepanova


From Existential Crisis to Existential Growth After Cancer

I used my tools as a psychotherapist after being faced with my own cancer diagnosis.

Eugenia Mancini Horan


Don't Let a Good Doctor Go: My Pediatrician Helped Guide Me Through Cancer

I sent all my cancer scans to my pediatrician, who combined the power of science with the power of belief and helped me through the difficult time.

Carly Brady


Blue Sky High

A survivor with a nearly 10-year journey with lung cancer and ongoing treatment writes a poem about the emotional ups and downs of living with cancer.

Megan Hollasch


Adding Lynparza to Presurgical Chemo May Not Boost TNBC Outcomes

The addition of Lynparza to presurgical chemotherapy did not improve outcomes for patients with basal-like BRCA wild-type triple-negative breast cancer.

Vanessa Cooke


Oncologic Care With Great Compassion and Professionalism

A patient nominates her oncology nurse, who stood by her side when receiving chemotherapy for nearly a year.

Tatyana Gann


3 Mindset Hacks That Can Keep Women Facing Breast Cancer Calm and Happy

Looking to change your mindset when facing down breast cancer? Here are 3 hacks to keep you calm and happy.

Dave Bjork


An Amazing Human, Accomplished Surgeon and Humble Lung Cancer Hero

A lung cancer survivor explains how Dr. Brendon Stiles is an asset to the lung cancer community. "He is such an accomplished thoracic surgeon, but he is so humble and generous with his time."

Susan Keller


After a Horrible Experience With a Prescribed Drug Taper, I Decided to Wean Off Prednisone Myself

I’d become an eating machine with a loathsome attitude on prednisone, so I decided to conduct my own taper of the drug.

Teresa Moran, B.S.N., RN, OCN


A Passionate Patient Advocate for Those With Cancer

Candise Jordan, FNP-BC, AONP, always knew that she was going to be a hematology/oncology nurse pratitioner.

Chandler H. Park, MD


Future Outlook of Kidney Cancer Treatment

Expert oncologists offer closing thoughts on emerging therapeutic strategies, unmet needs, and the future of kidney cancer treatment.

Sarah Manning


‘Special Kind of Person to Be an Oncology Nurse’

One colleague describes her fellow nurse as someone who puts patients at ease during treatment.

Lindsay Modglin


Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: The Invisible Side Effect

Although there is little relief available to cancer survivors experiencing neuropathy, hope may be on the horizon.

Hollis Jackson


My Left Breast Cries No More

My right breast took the brunt but my left breast cried for years.

Benjamin P. Saylor


Welireg Plus Cabometyx Shows Anti-Tumor Activity in Kidney Cancer Type

The Welireg-Cabometyx treatment combination demonstrated anti-tumor activity for some patients with clear cell renal carcinoma, according to a phase 2 trial.