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Experimental Lymphoma Drug Shows ‘Robust Clinical Activity,’ Researchers Say

February 25th 2022

Treatment with TRPH-222 led to lasting responses in certain patients with relapsed/refractory B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas, warranting a larger investigation into the drug, according to the researchers.

Although Cancer Can Damage Body Image, One Survivor Sought to 'Love Herself From the Inside'

February 24th 2022

Sara Montiel says she experienced severe body image issues after her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent double mastectomy, but she now recalls how she learned to realize how cancer was a blessing.

My Daughter Chose When — and How — She Was Going to Lose Her Hair to Cancer

February 24th 2022

Chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer would likely cause my daughter to lose her hair, but instead of waiting for her locks to fall out on their own, she took matters into her own hands.

Combatting Chemo with Kindness While Facing TNBC at the Age of 28

February 24th 2022

The 16-week challenge was simple: do something kind each week during my chemo treatment and tell me about it on social media. The goal was ambitious: 1,600 acts.

Families Need to Be More Open About Cancer Risks, Because it Could Save the Life of Someone You Love

February 24th 2022

Last year, my wife died of triple-negative breast cancer that was caused by a genetic mutation. If her family risk was discussed more openly, she — and many others with an inherited predisposition to cancer — may still be here today.

Enhertu Outperforms Chemotherapy in HER2-Low Unresectable/Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 23rd 2022

Treatment with Enhertu was associated with improved survival across several subgroups of patients with metastatic breast cancer, compared with standard-of-care chemotherapy.

Did Surviving Cancer Flip the Script on How I Was Treated on Social Media?

February 23rd 2022

Nina Luker has shared her journey with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma on social media with more than 100,000 followers, but says she noticed a difference in the kinds of comments she received after treatment was over and she was deemed “not as vulnerable” anymore.

I’m a Male Breast Cancer Survivor and My ‘Breast Cancer Sisters’ Helped Me Get Through It

February 23rd 2022

Getting men to talk about their breast health is like fishing in an under-stocked pond, so I turn to the advice of my breast cancer sisters.

My Cancer Diagnosis Led Me to Discover a Family I Didn’t Know I Had

February 23rd 2022

After being diagnosed with stage 2 colorectal cancer, I discovered that I had two sisters — and a family predisposition to cancer.

Advancing Outcomes and Quality of Life for Patients With Metastatic Cancer

February 23rd 2022

Dr. Nancy U. Lin dedicated her life to improving outcomes for patients with metastatic breast cancer. In this essay, a colleague honors her hard work.

Photoimmunotherapy Trial Begins in Certain Patients With Head and Neck, and Skin Cancer

February 22nd 2022

The goal of the phase 2 trial is to study the safety and efficacy of ASP-1929, a photoimmunotherapy with fluorescence imaging, in patients with head and neck or skin cancer.

Cabometyx Before Surgery May Shrink Tumors With No Disease Progression in Advanced Kidney Cancer

February 22nd 2022

Treatment with Cabometyx before surgery in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma, a type of kidney cancer, may provide benefits, although further research is required before a decision is made about its role in presurgical treatment.

‘Boys Don’t Cry’: How Men Can ‘Wrangle Emotions’ While Facing Cancer

February 22nd 2022

Facing cancer can be perplexing for some men as many of us were raised within the “boys don’t cry” ilk, but I want to remind everyone that it’s OK to feel emotions.

Updated Results on Lenvima-Keytruda Combo ‘Still Encouraging’ for Patients With Advanced Kidney Cancer, Expert Says

February 22nd 2022

Although the data failed to identify a predictive biomarker in patients with advanced kidney cancer, an expert from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York notes that the results indicate that no one should be excluded from receiving Lenvima plus Keytruda.

Immunotherapy Agent Misses Study Survival Goal in Advanced Penile Cancer

February 22nd 2022

Tecentriq failed to meet the progression-free survival goal in a trial analyzing the immunotherapy agent in advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the penis.

Compassionate Guidance Through a Cancer Clinical Trial

February 21st 2022

"Because of his supportive rapport with his patients, his name often has come up in our local support group, resulting in everyone wishing they had 'a Gil,'" a cancer survivor wrote of a clinical trial research nurse.

Even in the Prescence of Health Complications and Other Medications, Nubeqa Maintains Safety, Efficacy in Prostate Cancer Treatment

February 21st 2022

Patients with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer who were taking other medications or had health complications still derived a survival benefit from treatment with Nubeqa, research showed.

Cancer Survivorship and the ‘Patient Patient’

February 21st 2022

A look at a survivor's survivorship appointment and how being a “patient patient” helps tackle anxiety.

Fotivda Boosts Survival and Has ‘Interesting’ – and Tolerable – Safety Profile for Kidney Cancer Treatment

February 21st 2022

Fotivda – a TKI drug that was approved last year – not only improved survival outcomes, but was also very tolerable in terms of side effects for patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma.

Rozlytrek Offers ‘New Frontier’ for Treating Brain Metastases in NTRK Fusion-Positive Cancers

February 21st 2022

New research has demonstrated that treatment with Rozlytrek induced meaningful responses in patients with NTRK fusion-positive solid tumors and may also effectively treat brain metastases in those patients.

The Waiting Game: She Doesn’t Have Cancer Today, But What About Tomorrow?

February 20th 2022

Although my daughter’s cancer scans currently show no evidence of disease, I am haunted by the fact that there is always a possibility it could return and uproot our lives yet again.

The Loss of an Oncologist Is Heart-Wrenching for Cancer Survivors

February 20th 2022

I think all of us feel abandoned somewhat when we lose an oncologist, and other cancer survivors have expressed these same emotions to me. But I have to realize that a piece of her will always be with me until the day I pass.

Turning Sorrow Into Joy: The Oncologist Who Gave My Life Back

February 20th 2022

A woman with metastatic breast cancer pens a heartfelt tribute to the oncologist who saved her life and approached her care with empathy and encouragement.

Trailblazer, Advocate, Innovator and Clinician For Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 19th 2022

A colleague recognizes the generosity, humility and grace of a metastatic breast cancer expert who has led many practice-changing trials and programs to help as many patients as she can.

More Than a Hero: My Mom’s Cancer Doctor Made It Possible For Her to Watch Me Grow Up

February 18th 2022

When I first learned about my mom’s breast cancer, I was just a toddler — but thanks to her incredible oncologist, my mom is here to see to me grow up.

Cancer Survivors Share Their Eating Struggles — and Solutions — for Life After Cancer Treatment

February 18th 2022

CURE® asked its readers to share their difficulties eating after cancer, and what they did to help combat those challenges.

I Am Switching My Approach to Cope with Cancer ‘Scanxiety’

February 18th 2022

After reaching the point where anxiety was completely overwhelming my system before getting routine cancer scans, I decided to try a new approach suggested by my therapist to ease my worries.

NBC Meteorologist Bob Nunnally Takes Time Off for Cancer Treatment, Mary J. Blige Stars in Super Bowl Ad to Encourage Cancer Screenings, And More

February 18th 2022

From NBC4 meteorologist Bob Nunnally’s break for cancer treatments to Mary J. Blige’s Super Bowl commercial encouraging others to undergo cancer screenings, here’s what’s happening in the cancer landscape this week.

Expert Breaks Down New CDC Masking Guidance, and What It Means for Patients With Cancer

February 18th 2022

An oncologist from Johns Hopkins Medicine outlines why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its masking guidance in 2022, and why high-quality masks are particularly important for patients with cancer.

Trial Initiated to Study Protein-Inhibiting Treatment Option for Patients With Acute Leukemia

February 17th 2022

A trial to examine BMF-219 in patients with relapsed or refractory acute leukemias has begun recruiting patients across multiple U.S. states.