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More Than 75% of Cancer Survivors, Patients Express Wanting Employers to Implement Vaccine Mandates, Other Safety Precautions Before Returning to In-Office Work

January 17th 2022

The survey results also showed that those who have received a cancer diagnosis have faced more setbacks when it comes to working during the pandemic.

How Unexpected Bleeding Lead to a Cervical Cancer Diagnosis: 'I Was Shocked'

January 17th 2022

One woman explains how after experiencing irregular bleeding, she found out she had cervical cancer and her life changed immediately.

Living With Uncertainty as a Brain Tumor Survivor in a Changing World

January 16th 2022

A brain tumor survivor explains how she chooses to approach life with acceptance of the hard times rather than trying to throw them away.

Know the Risks and Benefits of Robotic Navigational Bronchoscopy for Lung Cancer

January 15th 2022

While robotic navigational bronchoscopy is an exciting advancement in diagnosing and staging lung cancer, the procedure does come with some risks and factors to consider, explained one expert.

6 Ways to Stop Worrying About Your Cancer Returning and Live Your Life

January 15th 2022

A cancer survivor offers advice for those facing anxiety and fear about cancer that takes control of their life.

Higher BMI in Adulthood May Limit the Immune System’s Ability to Fight Breast Cancer

January 14th 2022

New findings demonstrated that adult patients with breast cancer and increased BMI had an association with different types of immune cells around their tumors that may affect how their body attacks the cancer cells.

What Will 2022 Bring for Cancer Survivors Facing Another Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

January 14th 2022

A cancer survivor expresses the fears many survivors face with another year of staring down the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ronnie Spector Dies After Brief Spell With Cancer, Man Continues His Personal Health Advocacy After a Stranger Helped Discover His Cancer and More

January 14th 2022

From the deaths of singer Ronnie Spector and famed cancer researcher Beatrice Mintz to a patient who became his own biggest advocate after a stranger noticed a suspicious spot on his back, here’s what’s happening in the cancer landscape this week.

Yescarta for Relapsed/Refractory Large B-Cell Lymphoma May Represent a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in Second-Line Treatment

January 14th 2022

CAR-T cell therapy with Yescarta in patients with relapsed/refractory large B-cell lymphoma had improved responses to treatment and survival in the second-line setting, which may help save more lives than standard care, an expert said.

Enrollment Begins for First-Line Maintenance Vaccine for Metastatic CRC

January 13th 2022

Enrollment has begun for a trial evaluating a vaccine as first-line maintenance treatment for metastatic, microsatellite-stable colorectal cancer.

From Vaccines to Pills and Clinical Trials: An Overview of Treatments to Protect Patients With Cancer from COVID-19

January 13th 2022

An infectious disease expert explains the new and upcoming treatment modalities that are improving COVID-19 outcomes for patients with cancer and other conditions that compromise the immune system.

The Day My Sister Received a Cancer Diagnosis That Changed Our Lives Forever

January 13th 2022

A nursing student describes how the day her sister was diagnosed with cancer shaped her world in many ways and caused a domino effect on her life.

Health Care Worker Discusses Cancer Diagnosis and Vaccine Experience While on the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

January 13th 2022

In this episode of the “Cancer Horizons” podcast, a physician assistant recalls his experience as a frontline health care worker during the COVID-19 pandemic and what it was like to get diagnosed with multiple myeloma during such a chaotic time.

A Lower Dose of Xpovio May Help Patients With Myeloma Get the ‘Full Benefit of the Drug’

January 13th 2022

Although patients with multiple myeloma may be concerned that a reduction in treatment dose may be less effective, an expert from The Tisch Cancer Institute stresses that it may be more beneficial.

Reduced Radiation Dose After Surgery May Improve Survival Rates in HPV-Related Throat Cancer

January 12th 2022

A recent study demonstrated that a lower dose of radiation after surgery for HPV-related throat cancer may provide a greater benefit than a higher dose of radiation with chemotherapy.

How Other Patients With Cancer Helped Me Turn My Situation Around

January 12th 2022

One cancer survivor describes the impact of the words of support from other patients with cancer throughout his experience that helped pull him out of devastation.

‘Shock to the Heart’: A Cancer Survivor Recalls the Emotions of Her First Chemo Treatment

January 12th 2022

After not knowing quite what to expect from her first chemotherapy treatment, colorectal cancer survivor Yla Flores describes the pain she felt in her heart after seeing other patients in worse conditions.

Trial Underway for Potential First Treatment Option of Newly Diagnosed NPM1-Mutant AML

January 12th 2022

A phase 3 trial has begun to examine entospletinib, a selective inhibitor, as a treatment for patients with newly diagnosed NPM1-mutated acute myeloid leukemia.

Online Sexual Health Support Program for Couples May Aid in Sexual Recovery After Prostate Cancer Treatment

January 11th 2022

Sexual dysfunction may often happen after prostate cancer treatment, and the results of one study shown that an online program for both the patient and their partner may help in this aspect of recovery.

Prophylactic Monoclonal Antibodies Recommended to Protect Certain Patients With Cancer From COVID-19

January 11th 2022

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network now recommends prophylactic monoclonal antibodies for immunosuppressed individuals, such as certain patients with cancer.

Goodbye Cancer Displeasure, Hello Sexual Pleasure

January 11th 2022

A cancer survivor explains how she was able to intimately reconnect with her spouse after cancer caused their love life to fizzle for many years.

Keytruda Has Favorable Results in Adjuvant NSCLC Treatment, a First in Stage 1b-3a

January 11th 2022

In an interim analysis from a phase 3 trial of Keytruda, the use of the immunotherapy drug was associated with significantly improved disease-free survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

Cancer Survivors Share the Unexpected Side Effects Experienced During and After Treatment

January 11th 2022

From mouth sores to cold sensitivities as well as a continued taste of chemicals, cancer survivors recently shared some of the more unexpected side effects they experienced during and after treatment.

Trial Launched to Assess Safety and Efficacy of Novel Drug in Rare Type of Head and Neck Cancer

January 10th 2022

A phase 2 trial was recently launched to examine the safety and efficacy of oral inhibitor VK-2019 in patients with advanced Epstein-Barr Virus-positive nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a rare type of head and neck cancer, and lymphoma.

Increased Fiber Intake May Improve Immunotherapy Responses in Patients With Skin Cancer Subtype

January 10th 2022

Patients with melanoma who consumed a high-fiber diet may have a better response to immunotherapy, although the benefit was not as great if the fiber was obtained via probiotic supplements.

Advice on Coping With Fears of the COVID-19 Omicron Variant From a Cancer Survivor

January 10th 2022

A cancer survivor offers tips on dealing with the mental gymnastics of wondering whether his COVID-19 vaccine will work against the omicron variant and how more isolation will affect his mental state.

How Bone Strengtheners Led to a Dental Care Nightmare for One Patient With Cancer

January 10th 2022

A woman living with stage 4 cancer explains her painful experience with dental issues that came as a result of cancer treatment.

FDA Target Dates for Potential Cancer Drug Approvals in Early 2022

January 10th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide on whether to approve certain cancer regimens within the first few months of the year. Here’s what patients with cancer should know.

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, Make Commitments, Says a Cancer Survivor

January 9th 2022

A cancer survivor explains her approach to New Year’s resolutions and how she plans to make her health a priority.

A Serendipitous Friendship: How My Daughter’s Chemo Nurse Became Her Best Friend After Cancer Treatment

January 8th 2022

A mother describes how her daughter formed an unlikely friendship with one of her chemo nurses after her treatment ended.