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There are so many questions that come with a cancer diagnosis — questions about treatment, side effects, caregiving, survivorship and more.
Your stories help us achieve our mission of combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
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Your Recent Stories

Vegas Strong in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

September 6th 2018

This is my survivor story and how my dragon boat involvement continues to help me get through my breast cancer journey.

Finding a Voice for Brain Cancer Survivors

August 6th 2018

I was given a three- to five-year life expectancy. I told my neuro-oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center that all I heard was that I could expect more life.

Don't Call Me a Skinhead and Other Cancer Faux Pas

August 3rd 2018

Proactiveness Is Key With Oral Care During Cancer

July 31st 2018

Proper oral care is vital during cancer treatment, explains a dental hygienist who specialized in dental oncology.

Cancer Made Me Fearless

July 30th 2018

Cancer can make you braver than you ever thought you were.

On Cancer, Grief and Motherhood

July 24th 2018

For a while, it seemed like Jennifer had the perfect life. She was expecting a baby girl and marrying the love of her life. Then things took a turn and she was thrown into single motherhood with a cancer diagnosis.

Tell Cancer to Take a Hike

July 24th 2018

If exercise were a medical treatment for cancer patients, I believe that doctors would prescribe it.

A Brave, BeauTEALful Warrior

June 4th 2018

Moving On

June 1st 2018


May 30th 2018

The Haircut

May 27th 2018

HIFU Procedure Keeps High School Ref in the Game After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

May 24th 2018

Conquering Cancer

May 23rd 2018

Long, Long Ago, on an Island Far, Far Away

May 9th 2018

Speaking Out About the Unspoken Broken

May 8th 2018

Breast cancer affects all aspects of a marriage. Intimacy is one of the most affected areas, but is also one of the least talked about. In this article, learn how one survivor’s life has been drastically changed.

The Melanoma Effect

May 4th 2018

If I ever got sick or injured I would go to the children’s hospital, but that was nothing like a real hospital where people are fighting for their life day-in and day-out. I absolutely hated it, and still do. I was in Emory Hospital visiting my dad two to three times a week for about six months, and every time I walked in that place, it just gave me the heebie-jeebies.

More Than Just a Moustache

April 4th 2018

For the past four years, a coworker and I took on the responsibility as organizers and ambassadors for the annual Movember “Best Moustache” competition and fundraising event in our office. In November 2016, the cause took on a whole new meaning.

African American Caregivers Face a Greater Burden and Need Accessible Information and Support

March 28th 2018

When I recited my wedding vows to Eli in 1995, I never expected to be his caregiver. At the time, Eli was seemingly at the peak of good health and in the middle of his nine-year career as a professional linebacker.

With Cancer, It's Game On

March 20th 2018

Why Therapy Pets Are So Important

February 27th 2018

In Sickness and in Health

February 9th 2018

If your chair was cold, I knew you were two floors down in the NICU cradling your only child – the only one I’d be able to give you – making sure his IV and nutrition lines were also connected and beeping lively and skipping at the same beat as mine.

Cultivating Symbiosis

January 22nd 2018

During her cancer journey, an author and her physicist friend traded insights.

What Does it Mean to be a Cancer Survivor?

January 18th 2018

There Is Magic in Cancer

January 8th 2018

There is magic in the realization that the best of humanity is lifting you up, praying for you, holding you close, reaching out and touching your life in whatever way they can.

Finding Life's Purpose in the Craziest Circumstances

January 5th 2018

How much better can I help people now that I have been through it myself?

A Hairful Celebration

January 3rd 2018

The Patient

December 20th 2017

Every Time I Think I Have Cancer

November 2nd 2017

You know that saying “when you are sick, the internet is not your friend”? Well, that’s a fact. I start looking up runny nose, and because I believe that the runny substance coming from my nose must be spinal fluid, I must have brain cancer.

Survivor: A Poem

October 13th 2017

The Whirlwind of Metastatic Breast Cancer

October 3rd 2017