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There are so many questions that come with a cancer diagnosis — questions about treatment, side effects, caregiving, survivorship and more.
Your stories help us achieve our mission of combining science and humanity to make cancer understandable.
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Your Recent Stories

Cancer: The 'Emperor of All Maladies' Has Fallen

July 26th 2019

A poem about how the medical community has helped reduce cancer and save lives.

My Passion is to Make a Difference for Patients Facing Cancer

July 25th 2019

Through volunteer work and participating in the “Road to Recovery” program as a driver with the American Cancer Society, one survivor found the perfect outlet to cope with the emotional side of healing after chemo treatments.

Cancer Astronaut: Adjusting to the "Gravity Shift" in Life After Cancer

July 24th 2019

An online ad prompted one survivor to reflect upon the question, "Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut?" At least one aspect of being an astronaut would be better than adapting to life after cancer: a debriefing is provided at the conclusion of the voyage.

Walking Away from a Burning Car

July 23rd 2019

Cancer: The Ugly Breakdown

July 18th 2019

Yes, some days are harder than others, even though my strength has been depleted, my courage has been renewed.

A Decade of Cancer Survivorship: What Helped Me Through It

July 17th 2019

CURE magazine and other resources helped one survivor navigate diagnosis and beyond.

Finding My Way

July 16th 2019

My Decision to Have a Double Mastectomy Without Reconstruction

July 12th 2019

While the surgeon suggested I have a lumpectomy followed by radiation treatments, I had already made my decision. I requested a double mastectomy without any type of reconstruction. Why would I pursue such a radical alternative? In this post, I explain my choice.

God Carried Us Through My Son's Battle with Testicular Cancer

July 12th 2019

There are many instances I could tell you about when and how God carried us through my son’s battle with testicular cancer. The right things happened at the most opportune times.

Say Something: What to Do and Say When a Loved One Has Cancer

July 10th 2019

As I have gone through this cancer journey, I have realized that people don’t know what to say or do when a loved one has cancer. I can speak out on my firsthand experiences and offer some advice.

'Ole Blue Eyes' and MRIs: Music Soothes Pain During Cancer Treatments

July 9th 2019

Music can help people tolerate and distract from emotional and physiological pain while going through cancer treatments and scans.

Making 'Me-Time' A Reality

July 3rd 2019

Creating more personal time tops the list of goals many people want to accomplish. With work time, partner or family time and social time all demanding our attention, we are constantly juggling our day-to-day responsibilities. “Me-time” allows us to de-stress, unwind and rejuvenate. Taking time for yourself allows you to renew, heal and create reserves of energy and peace.

Cancer: It's Never An Easy Journey

July 2nd 2019

Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care what race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality or even age you are. It takes no prisoners. And it certainly did not take me. I continue to remain resilient despite what I’ve been through and despite what still may be on the horizon.

Life Is for Living

June 28th 2019

Don’t let a terminal diagnosis get you down to the point where you stop living your life. Have an adventure, buy the shoes and eat the cake.

Dear Silvie: A Letter to My Chemo Wig

June 27th 2019

A letter to my chemo wig, Silvie, thanking her for the confidence, strength, courage and bravery that she helped me find during my cancer journey.

With Glioblastoma, What You See Isn't Always What You Get

June 26th 2019

This cancer living inside of me has been life altering. On the outside you may think that things are not so bad. What you are not seeing is that my cancer is incurable.

Cancer is a Numbers Game

June 24th 2019

Cancer can indeed be a numbers game, but I am no way just a statistic — no one is. This journey has given me a newfound perspective on life and the amazing work that Stand Up To Cancer does.

The Force Is Strong With Cancer Survivors: Joining My Rebel Alliance

June 21st 2019

When I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, I envisioned myself in a galaxy far, far away. Just like any well-trained Jedi, I fought back when insurance denied my claim for doctor-recommended treatment.

The Girls: A Family Remembers Their Two Daughters Lost to Cancer

June 19th 2019

What a force they were, those two daughters of ours: that little nine-year-old kid Valerie, gone from bone cancer and the more grown-up 37-year-old Stacy, cut off by breast cancer. When we talk of them, however, it is often with a slight grin.

When Beating Cancer Means Battling the System

June 17th 2019

When my oncologist wanted to start me on a standard treatment, I asked her why. She said some of her other patients had gotten it. She was basing my life on someone else’s results? This survivor decided to seek other opinions and became her own advocate.

Redefining Success After Breast Cancer

June 13th 2019

Breast cancer was one of the best things that ever happened to me – and I never want it again. Now I am cancer-free and living a more fulfilling life than before the illness. Here are 10 insights and experiences from my cancer journey that continue to sustain me professionally and personally.

Breast Implant Illness: A Cautionary Tale for Women Considering Implants

June 12th 2019

Only three short months after getting breast implants I would experience such severe and crippling symptoms that nearly cost me my life. This is not just another unsatisfactory online review.

Living with Lung Cancer: Silver Linings

June 12th 2019

I have stage 4 lung cancer and told I had 12-18 months to live. Little did I know they sent a biopsy off for genome testing which has given me six years so far. My life is incredibly imperfect, but I love every single minute of it.

Holding Her Smile in His Heart Forever

June 5th 2019

A devoted husband and caregiver shares the poetry he wrote for his beloved wife, Mary Lee, after doctors gave her 18 to 36 months to live.

Burst Your Bubble

May 29th 2019

After treatment, this survivor was terrified of everyone and everything until her very wise doctor said, “I did not put you through all this for you to put yourself in a bubble – go live your life.” And she has… for 16 years and counting.

Surviving Glioblastoma: I am the Four Percent

May 23rd 2019

Four out of 100. That is the survival rate for stage 4 glioblastoma: four percent.

Diagnosed, Not Defeated

May 23rd 2019

As a result of what I went through and my never-ending passion for helping others, I believe that my diagnosis happened for a reason – to lead me to a career in patient advocacy.

My Marathon: Don't Let a Wall Stop You, Keep Running!

May 10th 2019

I’m running this marathon to win it. I want to say don’t let a wall stop you; keep running, keep fighting!

Cancer Survivorship and the Mysterious 'New Normal'

May 3rd 2019

Most people have heard the term "new normal" for individuals living, surviving and struggling with cancer. What actually does that mean?

What I Don't Know

May 2nd 2019

I don't know why my fear is bigger right now than the reality that I was a rock-star-warrior during the biggest, deepest, most tortuous experience of my life: cancer.