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Liver Cancer

Alexandra Guadagno
The combination use of Abraxane plus gemcitabine and cisplatin for the treatment of advanced biliary tract cancers prolonged survival, according to phase 2 study findings.
Beth Fand Incollingo
Through community outreach, the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation aims to increase tumor profiling and clinical trial participation.
Brielle Benyon
The Food and Drug Administration approved Cyramza for certain patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.
Kristie L. Kahl
Because of the rarity of a neuroendocrine tumor (NET) diagnosis, the Healing Net Foundation aims to educate physicians on the disease – an initiative many patient advocates feel can improve outcomes.
Katie Kosko
A Taiwanese study compares disease rates among people who used the medication daily with those who do not.
Kristie L. Kahl
The Healing Net Foundation gathers patients, caregivers and health care providers to collaborate in raising awareness and educating the medical community about an underserved disease: neuroendocrine tumors.
Katie Kosko
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute opens the first-ever Lynch Syndrome Center to help patients and families with the inherited condition.
Wayne Kuznar
Patients with previously untreated liver cancer, or hepa­tocellular carcinoma (HCC), lived twice as long if they responded to a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, a type of targeted therapy.
Katie Kosko
Researchers call for universal testing after study finds high prevalence of hepatitis B and hepatitis C infections.
Beth Fand Incollingo
The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation has won a grant from Bayer to create a website and outreach to patients and doctors to let them know that all patients with the disease need to have their tumors sequenced, because there are existing medicines and clinical trials that may help patients with actionable mutations more than the standard of care.

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