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CURE's Clinical Trial Corner: October 2019

October 28th 2019

Here is a list of the recent trial initiations that occurred within the cancer space in October.

Lasting Love

October 19th 2019

“Lasting Love” shares a moving and constructive message that may help support youngsters as they navigate a deep loss.

Friday Frontline: Cancer Updates, Research and Education on October 18, 2019

October 18th 2019

From a chemotherapy drug shortage to Eddie Van Halen revealing a cancer diagnosis, here’s what is making headlines in the cancer space this week.

Providing Personalized Care in Spanish to Patients With Brain and Spine Tumors

October 10th 2019

After receiving a stage 4 brain cancer diagnosis, a young mother traveled from Mexico to Chicago for treatment.

CURE New Issue Alert: Rare Cancers Special Issue

September 7th 2019

Here’s a look at what’s inside our 2019 Rare Cancers special issue.

Earning Your Legacy: Cancer Has Nothing To Do With It

August 29th 2019

In this episode of the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we spoke with Matt Newman, who was diagnosed with brain cancer at 39, but refuses to let cancer define the legacy he has made.

A Rare Opportunity for Patients With Brain and Spinal Cancers

August 27th 2019

At free NCI clinics, people with some of the rarest disease get tumor analysis, counseling and expert advice.

When Living with Brain Cancer, Life Doesn't Always Go as Planned

August 14th 2019

Biden Cancer Initiative Suspends Operations Indefinitely

July 15th 2019

After two years, the Biden Cancer Initiative has shuttered as former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign begins in earnest.

Pediatric Neuroblastoma Survivors Face Task Efficiency, Emotional Regulation Impairments

July 9th 2019

Long-term survivors of pediatric neuroblastoma may be at an increased risk for neurocognitive impairment – in particular, due to age at diagnosis and the type of treatment received.

FDA Approves Zirabev, an Avastin Biosimilar, for Five Cancer Types

June 28th 2019

The FDA has approved Zirabev, a biosimilar to Avastin, for the treatment of five types of cancer: colorectal cancer; non-small cell lung cancer; glioblastoma; metastatic renal cell carcinoma; and persistent, recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer.

Life Is for Living

June 28th 2019

Don’t let a terminal diagnosis get you down to the point where you stop living your life. Have an adventure, buy the shoes and eat the cake.

With Glioblastoma, What You See Isn't Always What You Get

June 26th 2019

This cancer living inside of me has been life altering. On the outside you may think that things are not so bad. What you are not seeing is that my cancer is incurable.

An Oncology Nurse at Heart

June 16th 2019

This essay was written by her colleagues, Jeanine Gordon and Jaclyn Andronico, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, nominating Lisa Klempner, M.S.N., RN, OCN for CURE®’s 2019 Extraordinary Healer® Award.

Friday Frontline: June 14, 2019

June 14th 2019

From the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund to the untimely passing of an inspirational Olympic runner, here’s what is making headlines in the cancer space this week.

Tireless Ability to Care

May 26th 2019

Amy Setesak, B.S.N., RN, CMSRN from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, was nominated by her colleague, Aly Fox, B.S.N., RN, CMSRN, for CURE®’s Extraordinary Healer® Award.

Surviving Glioblastoma: I am the Four Percent

May 23rd 2019

Four out of 100. That is the survival rate for stage 4 glioblastoma: four percent.

Actions with Brain Tumor Awareness Month in May and Beyond

May 23rd 2019

Learn about awareness and actions strategies during Brain Tumor Awareness Month and beyond.

Friday Frontline: May 17, 2019

May 17th 2019

From the first annual Glioblastoma Awareness Day to politics and today’s top performers, here’s what’s making headlines in the cancer space this week.​

Carrying the Weight of Chronic Illness

May 14th 2019

Carrying chronic illness can be very difficult, but there are ways to navigate the world without being crushed by the weight of what we cannot control.

Severe Hearing Loss from Pediatric Brain Tumor Treatment May Cause Cognitive Difficulties

May 13th 2019

Children diagnosed with embryonal brain tumors who have experienced treatment-related hearing loss exhibited greater difficulties reading – in particular, with phonological skills and processing speed, according to study results.

Friday Frontline: May 10, 2019

May 10th 2019

From National Women's Health Week to today’s top athletes, here’s what’s making headlines in the cancer space this week.

Opdivo Plus Radiation Fails to Prolong Survival in Subtype of Glioblastoma

May 9th 2019

The phase 3 CheckMate 498 trial, designed to compare Opdivo with Temodal for the treatment of patients with newly diagnosed O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT)-unmethylated glioblastoma multiforme failed to meet its primary endpoint of increasing overall survival.

Friday Frontline: April 26, 2019

April 26th 2019

From a sweet fundraiser for breast cancer to today’s top performers and athletes, here’s what’s making headlines in the cancer space this week.

Older Adults With Cancer Should Undergo Specialized Testing to Help Guide Treatment

April 22nd 2019

Evaluations can identify the potential for drug interactions and predict whether older patients are fit for chemotherapy.

Genomic Features May Aid Immunotherapy's Role in Glioblastoma

April 19th 2019

Researchers examine genomic mutations with tumor response to Keytruda and Opdivo in patients with GBM, highlighting the potential for a molecular, personalized approach to treat certain patients.

Addressing Nutritional Needs in Cancer

April 11th 2019

In this week’s episode, we spoke with the founder and CEO of Savor Health on the importance of nutrition for patients and caregivers before, during and after cancer treatment.

Survey Reveals Clinical Trial Availability Gaps for Patients with Glioblastoma

April 10th 2019

Patients with glioblastoma may lack easy access to clinical trials and off-label treatments, despite showing an interest in learning more about them.

Optune User Journey: Meet Steve

April 1st 2019

Watch a video about Steve, an Optune user. Learn how Steve manages his treatment while enjoying his favorite activities.

Presurgical Opdivo May Benefit Patients with Glioblastoma

March 26th 2019

Administration of Opdivo (nivolumab) before surgical resection in patients with glioblastoma appeared safe and feasible, according to phase 2 trial results published in Nature Medicine.