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Tumor Treating Fields Improve Survival in Glioblastoma

April 5th 2017

Patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) saw a 37 percent reduced risk of death and increased overall survival (OS) when treated with tumor treating fields (TTFields), according to a landmark analysis of the findings from the EF-14 trial.

Research Advances to Improve Treatments for Patients with GBM

March 22nd 2017

As researchers test new treatments for GBM, understanding the unique needs of patients with this diagnosis and their caregivers remains crucial.

Can the Chickenpox Protect Patients Against Glioma?

March 22nd 2017

A recent study found that individuals who had the chickenpox virus when they were younger were less likely to eventually develop gliomas.

Former Vice President Joe Biden to Start Cancer Nonprofit

March 9th 2017

Former Vice President Joe Biden is launching a cancer nonprofit to tackle some of the hard-hitting issues patients with cancer face, such as high drug prices.

Soles of Inspiration: Cancer Survivor Ran a Marathon on Each Continent to Raise Awareness, Funds

February 14th 2017

BethAnn Telford recently spent a week running a marathon a day on each of the seven continents to raise money and awareness for childhood cancers. This is after her own brain cancer diagnosis more than a decade ago.

Exploring the Use of Tumor Treating Fields in Grade 3 Brain Cancer

January 26th 2017

Though now used for patients with grade 4 brain tumors, tumor treating fields are being tested for use in grade 3 tumors.

Genetics Can Help Determine Brain Tumor Risk

January 19th 2017

Genetics can help determine a patient's risk of developing a brain tumor, as well as what treatments may work.

Discussing the World Health Organization's New Brain Tumor Classification

January 13th 2017

The World Health Organization (WHO) reclassified some types of brain cancers, giving a clearer outline on how to treat them.

Miracles Do Happen in GBM

January 5th 2017

Dellann Elliott Mydland, founder and president of the EndBrainCancer Initiative and 2016 GBM Hero, discusses how miracles do happen in the world of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), and people survive.

Fran Drescher: Living "Old School" to Prevent Cancer

December 30th 2016

Fran Drescher, actress, author and 16-year cancer survivor, spoke at CURE's GBM Heroes event.

Combo Shows No Additional Benefit in Glioblastoma

December 28th 2016

The combination of onartuzumab and Avastin (bevacizumab) showed no additional benefit for patients with glioblastoma, according to a recent study.

Gary Mervis on Putting Cancer on the "Front Burner"

December 23rd 2016

​Gary Mervis, 2016 GBM Hero and founder of Camp Good Days and Special times, Inc., discusses the need for research in the field of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

Author of "Llama" Books for Children Succumbs to Brain Cancer

December 20th 2016

Author Anna Dewdney died of brain cancer, but instead of having funeral arrangements, she asked that people spend their time reading to children.

Sumul Raval Tells Patients With GBM, "I'm Your Quarterback"

December 15th 2016

Sumul N. Raval, M.D., founder and director of the Zocchi Brain Tumor Center at Monmouth Medical Center and 2016 GBM hero, tells his patients, "I'm your quarterback."

New Agent Improves Intracranial PFS for Lung Cancer and Brain Metastases

December 7th 2016

Icotinib greatly improved intracranial progression-free survival for patients with lung cancer who have brain metastases, according to a recent study.

A New Agent is Being Explored in Brain Cancer

November 30th 2016

In the future, entrectinib may play an increasing role in the treatment of brain tumors, as well as other cancers.

The Chronic Pain Battle

November 29th 2016

We all deal with pain. For some of us, it is chronic, but we can't give up. Pain can be a tricky partner to walk along side and is different for everyone. For me, I must face it. I must try to heal it, and I must try to take steps forward, no matter how tiny they may be.

Long-Term Data Show Optune Offers a Survival Benefit in Glioblastoma

November 21st 2016

Long-term data from the phase 3 EF-14 study showed that Optune plus temozolomide had a survival benefit compared to temozolomide alone.

An Evening of Inspiration: Heroes of Glioblastoma Multiforme Honored for Their Dedication

November 19th 2016

People from around the country, including actress and 16-year cancer survivor Fran Drescher , came to CURE's GBM Heroes event, honoring those who made an impact in the world of glioblastoma multiforme.

Promising Treatments for Glioblastoma Are Emerging

November 19th 2016

A promising treatment option is on the horizon for some patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), says Martin van den Bent, M.D., Ph.D.

Staying Healthy in a Climate of Fear

November 15th 2016

It can be hard to name our fears, especially when we are worried that others don't share them or that they will make us feel like a part of our community. In sharing, we can name stressors, activate healing from those stressors and give our bodies a chance to cope with all that has happened to us.

Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Treat Glioblastoma

November 15th 2016

Tumor-treating fields are having a huge impact on the treatment and outcomes of patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

What's Next in Glioblastoma Treatment?

November 11th 2016

Rimas Lukas discusses the evolving field of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) treatment.

Study Shows Heavy Time Burden for Caregivers of Patients With Brain Cancer

October 24th 2016

A recent study showed that caregivers of patients with high-grade gliomas experience a great amount of time burden, even in the earlier stages of diagnosis.

Computer Simulation Can Help Plan Brain Cancer Treatment

October 17th 2016

A computer simulation tool may help plan treatment for certain patients with recurrent glioblastoma.


October 17th 2016

Recovery is an up-and-down process, and it's okay to show yourself compassion through the ups and the downs.

Mark Malkin Discusses Using Viruses to Treat Brain Cancer

September 29th 2016

Mark G. Malkin, M.D., professor of Neurology at the Virginia Commonwealth University, discusses the possibility of using viruses to treat glioblastoma.

Hitting the Yoga Mat Together May Improve Quality of Life for Patients and Caregivers

September 28th 2016

A diagnosis of high grade glioma can bring about a number of symptoms, but a recent study found that yoga may be able to improve quality of life for this subset of brain cancer patients and their caregivers.

4 Questions With a Surgeon: How to Improve Treatment of Glioblastoma

September 27th 2016

More advances, such as personalized approaches, still need to be made in treating glioblastoma, says Jennifer Moliterno Gunel, a brain surgeon from Yale.

Seeking Less Toxic Treatments for Most Common Pediatric Brain Tumor

September 26th 2016

While treatment advances have led to more survivors of medulloblastoma, the most common form of pediatric brain cancer, therapeutic approaches with fewer long-term effects are still needed.