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Expanded Access Program May Have Broad Use With Clinical Benefit

March 25th 2019

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Expanded Access program appeared to have broad use, involved a wide variety of patients and drugs, and derived clinical benefit, according to an initial summary published in JAMA Oncology.

Believing Miracles Can Happen

February 21st 2019

In this week’s episode of the CURE Talks Cancer podcast, we spoke with a childhood cancer survivor about her journey with stage 4 neuroblastoma, and also about taking part in the St. Jude LIFE research program.

Knocking Out GMB 'Hub' Could Stop Tumor Growth

February 9th 2019

A preclinical study showed that FGL2 protein suppression may stop tumor cell growth in patients with glioblastoma.

CURE's Top 5 Stories: January 2019

February 1st 2019

Here are the top 5 CURE stories for January 2019.

Patients with Brain Cancer Are Just a Click Away from a Second Opinion

January 23rd 2019

Penn Medicine launches program that allows people with brain tumors to access remote medical plans.

First Patient Receives Investigational Treatment Under Right to Try Law

January 22nd 2019

A man with glioblastoma has received Gliovac (ERC1671) under legislation allowing for the terminally ill to try experimental drugs that have passed preliminary FDA testing.

Pieces in the Puzzle as a 20-Year Brain Tumor Survivor

January 21st 2019

Since being diagnosed, I've learned a tremendous amount in my journey.

Preventing Cognitive Decline After Brain Cancer Treatment

December 28th 2018

Inhibiting the immune system could decrease cognitive decline after radiation treatment, according to research conducted in mouse models.

Scott Hamilton Talks Proton Therapy

December 21st 2018

One of Scott Hamilton's doctors told him that proton therapy was, "an elegant choice."

Living in the Land of the Healthy

December 19th 2018

When a diagnosis begins to improve, it is hard to reconcile your identity as a patient with your identity as a whole. Grappling with questions of who you are after having been diagnosed with something life altering can be both profound and challenging, and leave you a bit, well, ambivalent.

The Waiting Game

December 7th 2018

Once you or someone you love has been diagnosed with something big, the times between scans become sacred in-between times where you do your best to live in light of the ever-changing circumstances of your body. Sometimes that can be a time full of fear, but others it is a time full of hope.

Caregivers Affected Significantly by Brain Cancer-Related Cognitive Dysfunction

November 20th 2018

The cognitive dysfunction that patients with glioblastoma often face can compound these challenges and ultimately put extra stress on caregivers.

Liquid Biopsies May Bring a Future of Hope For Pediatric Brain Cancer

November 19th 2018

Researchers have found a potentially safer and faster way to determine if treatment for a type of childhood brain cancer is working.

The Health Care Battle

November 18th 2018

Health care shouldn't be a fight, but it is. I tell my story of fighting for an MRI in a hope that I illuminate the cracks in our system in a hope we can make change, so no one falls through those cracks.

FDA Approves Study on Focused Ultrasound to Open Blood-Brain Barrier

October 16th 2018

In the first such clinical trial in the United States, researchers will evaluate focused ultrasound to breach the blood-brain barrier

New Drug Delivery Method May Help Fight Aggressive Brain Tumor

October 16th 2018

Children who suffer from a highly aggressive and deadly type of brain tumor may have new hope when it comes to treatment options.

Late Effects From Brain Tumor Treatment Highlight Need for Survivorship Care

October 12th 2018

Brain cancer survivors are living longer, highlighting the importance of survivorship care for this population.

Survivors of Central Nervous Tumors Face Difficulties With Adult Independence

September 27th 2018

A recent study from St. Jude Children’s Hospital found that more than half of adults who survived pediatric central nervous system tumors failed to achieve independence as adults.

Words of Wisdom from a 7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

September 27th 2018

Micah Bernstein is only 7 years old and has already fought cancer three times. Now, he hopes to be an inspiration to other children.

Finding Inspiration at the Biden Cancer Summit

September 25th 2018

CURE headed out to Washington, DC to cover the Biden Cancer Summit.

Radiation Treatment May Impair Recent Memory in Pediatric Patients With Brain Tumors

September 24th 2018

“Key brain regions that we know are typically involved in autobiographical memory formation and retrieval, especially the hippocampus, are located quite far from the primary tumor bed, and thus far from the site of focal radiation,” Sekeres, who is director of the Sekeres Memory Laboratory at Baylor University, said in an interview with CURE.

Socioeconomic Status May Affect Racial/Ethnic Disparities Among Childhood Cancer Survivors

September 19th 2018

A recent study showed that socioeconomic status may explain racial and ethnic disparities found among childhood cancer survivors of certain cancers.

On Glioblastoma and People With 'Classic Integrity'

August 28th 2018

When John McCain died this week, I was reminded of another patient who died of this nasty disease.

John McCain Dies of Glioblastoma at Age 81

August 26th 2018

Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain died of glioblastoma on Aug. 25. He was 81 years old.

Senator John McCain Stops Brain Cancer Treatment

August 24th 2018

The senator's family announced that he will no longer be undergoing treatment for glioblastoma.

'Hidden Cells' May Be the Answer for Immunotherapy in Brain Cancer

August 15th 2018

In recent years, immunotherapy has been falling flat in the brain cancer field, but recent research may change that.

New Sex-Specific Genetic Risk Factors Identified in Brain Cancer

August 10th 2018

The potential differences in the genetic risk factors among men and women for developing glioma may shed light on a new way to assess such risks, according to a meta-analysis published in Scientific Reports.

Former Vice President Joe Biden Encourages Teen During Treatment

August 8th 2018

An Idaho teenager a boost from one of her idols — former Vice President Joe Biden — during her treatment for acute myeloid leukemia.

Driving Research in Rare Cancers

August 7th 2018

Research continues to drive the oncology field.

Finding a Voice for Brain Cancer Survivors

August 6th 2018

I was given a three- to five-year life expectancy. I told my neuro-oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center that all I heard was that I could expect more life.