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Power in the Words: Discussing Palliative Cancer Care

July 31st 2018

The approach used in discussing palliative care can play a role in whether a patient seeks help.

Turning the Tide in Glioblastoma

July 27th 2018

Innovations in drug development, surgery, radiation and clinical trials have investigators hard at work in glioblastoma.

Escaping and Embracing the Trauma

July 19th 2018

My heart seeks joy. My life is joyful, full of light. And I know trauma can live in the light, I have seen it and lived it.

Poliovirus Extends Survival for Patients With Glioblastoma in Early-Phase Trial

July 12th 2018

Researchers from Duke Cancer Institute in Durham, North Carolina, developed a genetically modified poliovirus to attack the rare but aggressive brain cancer by directly injecting the virus into the tumor.

A Closer Look at Long-Term Outcomes in Young Cancer Survivors

July 10th 2018

The majority of adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients who are diagnosed with cancer are expected to live past the five-year mark, though survival and health outcomes seem to differ by disease type, according to recent research published in the journal Cancer.

Love the Genes You've Got, But Get Them Tested, Too

July 2nd 2018

When my mom got cancer, the last thing on my mind was my own health, but she had the foresight and the care to get a genetic test so that her kids could live long and healthy lives. Today I am grateful for my mom, my whole family and the magic of science.

Genetic Predisposition Affects Treatment, Surveillance of Children with Medulloblastoma

June 18th 2018

Researchers identified six gene variations that play an important role in the treatment and surveillance of children with medulloblastoma, for which they developed screening and counseling recommendations.

Don't Write Off Immunotherapy in Brain Cancer Just Yet

June 18th 2018

Researchers should not give up hope in using immunotherapy to treat brain cancers.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Search for Joy

June 7th 2018

The ways life hits us with various challenges is neither fair nor fun, but we can still find happiness.

Letting Go of Fear in Recovery

May 15th 2018

Chronic illness causes a lot of pain, and pain always carries fear with it. One way to cope is to recognize that fear can co-exist with many other feelings. It is OK to be scared, and it is OK to keep going.

How I Became a 20-Year Brain Tumor Survivor

May 14th 2018

Explore why I'm still here as a 20-year brain tumor survivor, and watch a video about my story with insights to thrive.

'Cutting Edge' Virus Shows Potential for Difficult-To-Treat Pediatric Gliomas

May 11th 2018

Although still in early phases, an oncolytic virus, called DNX-2401, may be a groundbreaking therapy in pediatric patients with diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas.

Nonprofit Captures Hope for Children with Cancer

May 8th 2018

The photographers’ excitement to be involved led to a number of photo sessions for “fighter families” as Dawson calls them. After just a few sessions, it was apparent the Gold Hope Project was a hit.

Chronic Illness and Disability: Living With a Long-Term Diagnosis

April 27th 2018

For those of us living with (and taking care of) people living with brain tumors, cancers and other diseases that become chronic, life's challenges begin to shift, as do our outlooks. It is important for us to be able to love our bodies, our disabilities, and for the world to make space for all sorts of bodies to exist.

Engineered Drug May Directly Fight Glioblastoma Tumors

April 18th 2018

Berubicin showed promise in the treatment of glioblastoma as a drug that was able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Trapped In-Between Sickness and Health

April 13th 2018

When stuck in this space, it is tempting to hide from life, but with all the beauty in the world, it doesn't serve any of us to hide.

Raising Funds for Brain Tumors Until Poof! They Disappear

April 6th 2018

When asked about her favorite thing about Thea's Star of Hope, the ten-year-old explained that the organization is like a laser on pediatric brain tumors, shooting at them until, hopefully one day, poof! They disappear.

Bizarre Coincidence Sparks Oncofertility Conversations

April 3rd 2018

Following fertility clinic malfunctions in Cleveland and San Francisco, many patients who have or had cancer are facing devastating losses, leaving many questions in the wake of these events.

Early Trial Shows 'Smart Bomb' Virus Extends Survival in Patients With Glioblastoma

March 19th 2018

Findings from an early phase clinical trial that used a so-called “smart bomb” virus — which was altered to attack tumor cells rather than normal cells — appeared to show promise in this area.

Biological Clocks May Play Crucial Role in Glioblastoma Treatment

March 1st 2018

Researchers from Texas A&M University found that circadian rhythms may be key in the timing of when chemotherapy is administered to patients with glioblastoma.

How One Person Beat Cancer by Participating in a Clinical Trial

February 20th 2018

After being diagnosed with glioblastoma, experimental immunotherapy saved his life.

Self-love for Patients and Caretakers: The Importance of Compassion in Healing

February 17th 2018

It's hard to stop comparing our sick bodies to the people around us, but once we do, as both patients and caretakers, we learn to honor our own experiences and value ourselves in new and beautiful ways.

Viruses May Be the Future of Boosting Immunotherapy in Brain Cancer

February 7th 2018

In recent years, major advances have been made in the immunotherapy scape, as it has become instrumental in revolutionizing the way oncologists treat a variety of cancers. However, its success in patients with brain cancer has been extremely limited.

Childhood Pneumonia May Be Associated With Cancer Risk

February 2nd 2018

While causes for pneumonia were varied – including bacteria (14 percent), virus (22 percent) and unspecified (64 percent) – the majority of children did not have immune deficiencies recorded at the time of their pneumonia diagnosis.

Cultivating Symbiosis

January 22nd 2018

During her cancer journey, an author and her physicist friend traded insights.

Company Increased the Price of a Cancer Drug by 1,400 Percent

January 5th 2018

NextSource Pharma, a small pharmaceutical company based in Florida, acquired the drug lomustine from Bristol-Myers Squibb, changed its brand name to Gleostine, and changed the price – by about 1,400 percent.

Patients With Brain Tumors Face Late Hospice Enrollment and Utilization

January 4th 2018

Adequate end-of-life care derives a variety of benefits for both patients and their families, including less invasive and ineffective intervention and less financial burden, said study author Justin Jordan, M.D., MPH, clinical director of the Pappas Center for Neuro-Oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center.

Optune Combination Improves Survival in Glioblastoma

December 21st 2017

Optune is a method of treatment where adhesive patches are applied to the patient’s scalp. The patch transductors deliver low-intensity electric fields – called Tumor Treating Fields – that stop the growth and division of GBM cells.

FDA Fully Approves Avastin for Glioblastoma Treatment

December 6th 2017

The FDA has granted Avastin (bevacizumab) a full approval for the treatment of adult patients with glioblastoma who progressed following prior therapy, according to Genentech, the manufacturer of the VEGF inhibitor.

Cannabis Oil Use: Growing Phenom Appears Safe, Helpful in Brain Cancer

December 1st 2017

After tracking the progress of about 20 patients with brain cancer who used cannabis, a neuro-oncologist found that the substance caused them no harm, had few side effects and did not interfere with conventional treatments.