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CURE’s breast cancer page is an extensive resource of cancer information featuring the latest breast cancer news, expert oncologist insights on the latest cancer treatments, oncology research, advocacy efforts, and medical data on breast cancer.

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Why Kristen Dahlgren Left NBC To Advocate for Breast Cancer Vaccines

February 22nd 2024

“We've all been touched by breast cancer in some way. And we need everybody to be a part of this solution,” Kristen Dahlgren told CURE, regarding her decision to be a co-founder of the Pink Eraser Project.

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Screenings for Different Cancers

February 21st 2024

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Cancer the Second Time Around

February 20th 2024

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Breast-Conserving Surgery May Lead to Reoperation, Increased Costs

February 19th 2024

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The Uncertainty of Brain Metastases and Leptomeningeal Disease

February 17th 2024

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