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CURE’s breast cancer page is an extensive resource of cancer information featuring the latest breast cancer news, expert oncologist insights on the latest cancer treatments, oncology research, advocacy efforts, and medical data on breast cancer.

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African American hands holding a pink breast cancer ribbon
Navigating My Breast Cancer Journey That Came Out of Nowhere

September 21st 2023

I had dealt with multiple family members with cancer, but didn't think it would happen to me.

image of hand holding
Increased Risk of Breast Cancer Seen After Childhood Cancer Treatment

September 19th 2023

cartoon drawing of cancer survivor and blogger, Natasha Carlson
What I Would Tell My Newly Diagnosed Self

September 18th 2023

Roulette wheel in motion with a bright and colorful background | Image credit: fergregory -  ©
With Cancer I Ask Myself, ‘What are the Odds?’

September 17th 2023

cartoon drawing of cancer survivor and blogger, Rachel Martin
Managing Stress After Cancer

September 16th 2023