Pitcher Back in Treatment for Cancer
BY Beth Fand Incollingo
Chad Bettis, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies, has returned to treatment, stating that his testicular cancer has spread.
Hitting a Nerve: Nerve Damage From Cancer Treatment Can Impair Sexual Function
BY Mark Cantrell
Nerve and other damage from cancer treatments can impair men’s sexual function, and adjusting can be a challenge.
Q & A With Olympian Scott Hamilton: Turning Cancer Upside Down
BY Laura Panjwani
Like his signature backflip, Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton’s vision for supporting patients with cancer is bold and unique.
Hard to Hear: Cisplatin Can Cause Hearing Loss for Men With Testicular Cancer
BY Karen Bruno
Cisplatin therapy can cause hearing loss for men with testicular cancer, but preventive measures are emerging.
Study Explores Link Between Genetic Mutations and Cisplatin-Induced Hearing Loss in Cancer Survivors
BY Ellie Leick
A recent study found that certain genetic mutations could play a role in cisplatin-induced hearing loss. 
The Value of Testicular Self-Exams and Early Detection from the Survivorship Perspective
BY Steve Pake
There’s been some debate in recent years about the true value and effectiveness of certain types of cancer screenings. This is, of course, a perfectly reasonable thing to be doing both in the name of advancing medical science, and especially in an environment where there's so much downward pressure on the costs of healthcare.
Testicular Cancer: It's Worse in the Head (Part 1)
BY Colin Price
The first piece in Colin's journey with testicular cancer.
Overcoming the Stigma of Testicular Cancer
BY Howard Whitman
Many men are apprehensive to talk about and get checked for testicular cancer, although those conversations can be life-saving.
Care Plans for Testicular Cancer Survivors Should Anticipate Late Effects of Chemo
BY Kelly Johnson
Survivors of testicular cancer may face an increased vulnerability to additional health problems after being treated with cisplatin-based chemotherapy.
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