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Testicular Cancer

Justin Birckbichler
I blended my career as an educator with my passion for testicular cancer awareness.
Justin Birckbichler
As a testicular cancer survivor, self-care through exercise is very important to me.
Stephen Labay
Twenty-year-old men think they are invincible. They wake up each morning thinking that nothing can stop them and that is one of the best feelings in the world.
Justin Birckbichler
The "cancer card" is one of the only upsides to being diagnosed with cancer... but when does it go too far?
Justin Birckbichler
Move over, Avengers. There's a new superhero crew coming through.
Katie Kosko
“Since effective cisplatin-based chemotherapy was introduced in the 1970s, the overall age-adjusted five-year relative survival rate is 95 percent, and survivors remain at risk for decades for the late effects of cancer and its treatment,” the study authors wrote.
Justin Birckbichler
I realized after facing my own cancer battle two years ago, I was free to fly to the other side of the "I have cancer" conversation.
Justin Birckbichler
If you're using your 'cancer following' to gain fame or profit for yourself, I ask you to reconsider.
Justin Birckbichler
How I leverage social media to raise testicular cancer awareness.
Justin Birckbichler
Am I getting old or is chemo brain coming back?

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