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CURE’s lung cancer page is an extensive resource of cancer information featuring the latest lung cancer news, expert oncologist insights on the latest cancer treatments, oncology research, advocacy efforts, and medical data on lung cancer.

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Illustration of a woman with short curly brown hair with glasses and gold hoop earrings.
When Your Hero Dies of Lung Cancer

April 18th 2024

Walt Disney died of lung cancer, leaving an important lesson to my son.

Image of lung cancer in both lungs.
Corner Room in a Pueblo, Colorado Cancer Hospital

April 18th 2024

Illustration of a woman with a short bob with glasses.
The Role of Nutrition in Cancer Outcomes

April 12th 2024

Image of a woman holding a hand over her heart.
Writing Through Grief Caused By Cancer

April 10th 2024

Illustration of a doctor next to a pair of lungs.
Imfinzi Improves Survival, Time to Progression in LS-SCLC

April 10th 2024