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What Men With Prostate Cancer Should Know About the FDA's Approval of Nubeqa

August 1st 2019

Following the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Nubeqa, men with non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer now have an earlier more precise treatment option.

FDA Approves Nubeqa for Prostate Cancer

July 31st 2019

The Food and Drug Administration granted a priority review to Nubeqa for the treatment of men with non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Friday Frontline: July 19, 2019

July 19th 2019

From today’s top performers and athletes to surprising findings about prostate cancer treatment, here’s what is making headlines in the cancer space this week.

'CURE Expert Connections' Launches ADT in Prostate Cancer: Managing Cardiovascular Risk Video Series

July 16th 2019

One patient and a physician expert discuss a variety of topics in prostate cancer.

Friday Frontline: June 27, 2019

June 28th 2019

From Beth Chapman’s untimely passing to cancer fundraising via esports, here’s what is making headlines in the cancer space this week.

The People's Nurse

June 9th 2019

This essay was written by Dr. Kevin Yiee, CHI Health St. Elizabeth, nominating registered oncology-certified nurse Robin Devries for CURE®’s 2019 Extraordinary Healer® Award.

What You Need to Know About Genomics

June 6th 2019

In this week’s episode, we spoke with a patient and his doctor about genomic testing and how it can change treatment outcomes for patients with cancer.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Announces New Patient Resources

May 22nd 2019

Thousands of men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone now have a wealth of new and updated resources to ensure they make the best treatment choices they can.

Nurse Jenny Chen: Making a Difference for Veterans with Prostate Cancer

May 13th 2019

A good nurse can make a huge difference for a patient struggling to deal with an illness, not only in comfort, or pain relief, or even in teaching how to manage symptoms or side effects – but in hope and confidence.

Prostate Cancer Foundation's Robust Collection of New Patient Resources Now Available

May 13th 2019

The Prostate Cancer Foundation announced the newly revised 2019 Prostate Cancer Patient Guide, a comprehensive resource for diagnosis, treatment, side effects, survivorship, and risk factors for patients and families with a history of prostate cancer.

Advice for Multidisciplinary Management in Prostate Cancer

May 10th 2019

Advice for Patients With Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer

May 10th 2019

ADT in Prostate Cancer: Appropriate Exercise & Support

May 10th 2019

Prostate Cancer: Complementary Care & ADT

May 10th 2019

Cardiovascular Risk Management in Prostate Cancer

May 10th 2019

Prostate Cancer: Adverse Event Management in ADT

May 10th 2019

Prostate Cancer: Cardiovascular Complications of ADT

May 10th 2019

Selecting Treatment for Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer

May 10th 2019

Overview of Patients With Prostate Cancer at Diagnosis

May 10th 2019

FDA Grants Priority Review to Darolutamide in Nonmetastatic CRPC Treatment

April 29th 2019

The FDA has granted a priority review designation to a new drug application (NDA) for darolutamide for use as a treatment for patients with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Managing Survivorship One Foot and Breath in Front of Another

April 24th 2019

Being a caregiver and survivor takes adjusting to the diagnosis of the "C" word. Until there is a cure for cancer, may we all do our best to put one breath and foot in front of another.

The Role of Mental Health in Cancer Outcomes

April 24th 2019

A person’s pre-existing mental state may negatively influence their health, but professional support can help maintain the best mindset, say researchers.

Prostate Cancer Survivors: What Advice Would You Give the Newly Diagnosed?

March 27th 2019

PCF's Impact Across All Cancers

March 27th 2019

The Prostate Cancer Foundation Reveals the First National Report About Lack Of Basic Prostate Cancer Understanding in The U.S.

March 27th 2019

Jeff Perlman: Take a More Active Approach to Prostate Cancer Health

March 27th 2019

Friday Frontline: March 15, 2019

March 15th 2019

From FDA news to today’s top performers and entertainers, here’s what’s making headlines in the cancer space this week.

Erleada Improves Survival in Prostate Cancer Subset

February 1st 2019

In topline findings from the phase 3 TITAN trial (NCT02489318) announced today by Janssen, Erleada (apalutamide) in combination with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) significantly improved radiographic progression-free survival (rPFS) and overall survival (OS) versus placebo in patients with metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer.

What to Do When a Friend Gets Cancer

February 1st 2019

A prostate cancer survivor offers his thoughts on what you should (and shouldn't) say to someone who was recently diagnosed.

High Test: Exploring Genetics in Advanced Prostate Cancer

December 15th 2018

Men with advanced prostate cancer may benefit from genomic testing as BRCA and other gene mutations play a bigger role in guiding treatment.