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Palliative Care in Advanced Lung Cancer

November 13th 2017

Expert Gives Updates on Kidney and Bladder Cancer

September 27th 2017

Sumanta Kumar Pal, M.D., associate professor, Department of Medical Oncology, City of Hope, covered the scope of exciting genitourinary cancer data presented at the 2017 ESMO Congress, with a sharp focus on the CABOSUN and CheckMate-214 trials.

A Wave of Optimism for New Kidney Cancer Drugs

September 15th 2017

The latest drugs for advanced kidney cancer are stirring optimism.

First Biosimilar to Treat Cancer Gets FDA Approval

September 14th 2017

The Food and Drug Administration approved the first ever biosimilar to treat a variety of cancers.

Less Pain, Faster Healing With Robotic Surgery for Kidney Cancer

August 22nd 2017

In an interview with CURE, Badani, a professor of Urology at Mount Sinai Hospital, discusses the benefits of robotic surgery in RCC.

Cabometyx's Benefit in Kidney Cancer Is Confirmed

June 21st 2017

Cabometyx had better progression-free survival rates than Sutent (sunitinib) for certain patients with renal cell carcinoma.

Duo Falls Short in Treating Advanced Kidney Cancer

June 14th 2017

Progression-free survival (PFS) was not significantly improved with the combination of dalantercept plus Inlyta (axitinib) in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma (RCC) compared with placebo, according to the results from the phase 2 DART trial.

Promising Combination Moves Into Kidney Cancer

June 7th 2017

Bavencio and Inlyta together produced a promising response for some patients with renal cell carcinoma.

Expert Stresses Significance of Genetic Differences in Kidney Cancer

May 5th 2017

There are 16 known genes that cause kidney cancer and at least 13 different types of inherited kidney cancer, emphasizing the need to understand genetic differences between these disease.

Metastatic Kidney Cancer or a Separate Lung Cancer? Expert Urges Patients, Doctors to Learn the Difference

March 15th 2017

James Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D., discusses the importance of spotting the difference between a metastatic kidney cancer lesion and a separate lung cancer. The difference can save patients' lives.

Expert Weighs in on Promising New Options for Frontline Kidney Cancer

February 24th 2017

David McDermott, M.D. discusses new advances made to treat kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer Trial Recommended to Halt

February 23rd 2017

An independent data monitoring committee recommended that the phase 3 ADAPT trial exploring rocapuldencel-T (AGS-003) for the frontline treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) be stopped, but Argos Therapeutics explained that they will keep the trial open.

Combination May Move to the Frontline for Kidney Cancer

February 22nd 2017

A randomized trial showed that the combination of Tecentriq (atezolizumab) and Avastin (bevacizumab) has some promise for the frontline treatment of some patients with RCC.

Durable Response Can Remain After Stopping Immunotherapy Treatment for Kidney Cancer

February 14th 2017

A recent study found that patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma may see extended response even after stopping immunotherapy treatment.

Antibiotics May Compromise Immunotherapy Efficacy in Kidney Cancer

February 14th 2017

Patients with metastatic kidney cancer may see a decreased efficacy of their immunotherapy regimen if they recently took antibiotics.

Liver Cancer: What's On the Horizon?

February 11th 2017

Sutent Treatment Breaks Are Feasible in Kidney Cancer

February 9th 2017

Sutent treatment breaks seem to have no effect on clinical efficacy for patients with renal cell carcinoma.

Immune-Related Adverse Events Are Underreported in RCC

January 28th 2017

CURE spoke with Neeraj Agarwal, M.D., about the underreporting and underemphasizing of toxicities with PD-1 inhibitors in renal cell carcinoma.

Using Vaccines to Bolster Immunotherapy Responses in Kidney Cancer

January 28th 2017

Vaccines are currently being tested in their potential to improve immunotherapy responses for patients with renal cell carcinoma.

Immunotherapy Data is Encouraging in Kidney Cancer

January 26th 2017

Elizabeth Plimack, M.D., discusses an update on the CheckMate-025 trial, comparing Opdivo to Afinitor in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma.

Combination Therapy Is Promising for Kidney Cancer, Expert Says

January 21st 2017

David F. McDermott, M.D., is optimistic about combination regimens shaping the treatment landscape for renal cell carcinoma.

Changing the Frontline Treatment of Kidney Cancer

January 12th 2017

After the approvals of agents in the second-line setting, researchers are now turning to improving the frontline treatment of kidney cancer.

New Agents Are Shifting Kidney Cancer Treatment Strategies

December 19th 2016

Will the newly approved kidney cancer treatments eventually end up in the frontline setting? Expert Chung-Han (Joe) Lee, M.D., weighs in.

Size Matters: Examining Obesity's Role in Cancer Outcomes

December 14th 2016

Obesity can negatively affect cancer treatment outcomes, trigger disease recurrence and shorten longevity. Organized weight loss programs and exercise can help patients protect themselves.

Expert Discusses Immunotherapy Combos in Kidney Cancer

December 5th 2016

Immunotherapy combinations are on the horizon for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma, Robert J. Motzer, M.D., says.

What's Next in Immunotherapy?

December 3rd 2016

Melanoma should not be considered to be in a "special category" that responds well to immunotherapy, according to Christian M. Capitini, M.D., assistant professor of Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin.

Experts Discuss Immunotherapy's Role in the Shifting Landscape in Solid Tumors

November 30th 2016

A panel of experts recently discussed the evolving field of immunotherapy for solid tumor types.

TKIs Will Continue to Shape Kidney Cancer Treatment

November 28th 2016

TKIs will continue to shape the landscape of kidney cancer treatment, Robert A. Figlin, M.D., F.A.C.P., says.

TKI Inhibitor Improves Survival in Metastatic Kidney Cancer

November 17th 2016

Cabometyx was proved to be superior to Sutent, reducing rates of disease progression or death for patients with metastatic RCC, according to a recent trial.

Cabometyx Bests Sutent in Reducing Risk of Progression or Death in Metastatic Kidney Cancer

October 11th 2016

In a recent phase 2 trial, Cabometyx showed longer progression-free survival than Sutent in patients with metastatic kidney cancer.