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TKI Inhibitor Improves Survival in Metastatic Kidney Cancer

November 17th 2016

Cabometyx was proved to be superior to Sutent, reducing rates of disease progression or death for patients with metastatic RCC, according to a recent trial.

Cabometyx Bests Sutent in Reducing Risk of Progression or Death in Metastatic Kidney Cancer

October 11th 2016

In a recent phase 2 trial, Cabometyx showed longer progression-free survival than Sutent in patients with metastatic kidney cancer.

Expert: We're Approaching the Golden Age in Kidney Cancer Care

October 9th 2016

After going through the "Dark Ages," we're approaching the "Golden Age" of kidney cancer care, with more options available than ever, says James Hsieh.

8 Questions With a Physician: Immunotherapy in Genitourinary Cancers

October 3rd 2016

There have been some exciting advances in using immunotherapy to treat GU malignancies such as kidney and bladder cancer. CURE sat down with Elizabeth Plimack, M.D. to discuss them.

A Sign of the Times: The Changing Treatment Landscape for Advanced Kidney Cancer

September 23rd 2016

The treatment landscape for advanced kidney cancer has changed dramatically over the past few years, with several targeted drugs and an immunotherapy approved by the FDA.

Prioritizing Clinical Trials Led to New Therapies for Kidney Cancer

September 23rd 2016

Ten years ago, patients with advanced RCC had very few treatment options, yet today, there are multiple therapeutic strategies and more in the pipeline for this not-very-common tumor type, writes our editor-in-chief, Debu Tripathy.

Expert Highlights Progress, Looks Ahead in Kidney Cancer Care

September 21st 2016

While many new treatment options have been introduced for kidney cancer in recent years, the question of how to sequence them is still being debated.

High Body Mass Index Associated With Improved Survival in Kidney Cancer

September 16th 2016

A recent study showed a correlation between higher body mass index and survival in some patients with kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer Association Strives to Bridge Gaps in Knowledge

September 14th 2016

Most people don't know much about kidney cancer at the time of their diagnosis. The Kidney Cancer Association wants to change that.

4 Questions With an Expert: Cabometyx and the Future of Kidney Cancer Care

August 15th 2016

Jorge Garcia offers insight about the benefits of Cabometyx and the drug's impact on RCC.

Expert Discusses Changing Field of Immunotherapy to Treat Genitourinary Cancers

August 13th 2016

Randy F. Sweis talks to CURE about the future of treatment for GU cancers.

Sutent Extends Disease-Free Survival in Kidney Cancer

August 4th 2016

A recent phase 3 study showed that Sutent extended disease-free survival for patients with renal cell carcinoma.

Reviewing a New Treatment Combination for Advanced Kidney Cancer

July 6th 2016

Sumanta K. Pal weighs in on a new drug combination that is showing promise for patients with RCC who progressed on Cabometyx (cabozantinib) and Opdivo (nivolumab).

The Exciting Present and Future of Kidney Cancer Care

June 24th 2016

The treatment paradigm in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) has expanded over recent months to include three practice-changing agents in the second-line setting.

Expert Discusses What's Next for Opdivo in Kidney Cancer

June 22nd 2016

Not only is Opdivo changing the way RCC is being treated, but the immunotherapy is also here to stay, according to David F. McDermott.

Cabometyx Improves Survival in Renal Cell Carcinoma

June 10th 2016

Previously treated patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma saw a higher overall survival rate with Cabometyx when compared to those on Afinitor, according to a phase 3 study.

Effectiveness of Opdivo Persists Long-Term in Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma

June 6th 2016

In the longest follow-up of an anti-PD-1 immunotherapy in RCC, about one-third of the patients treated with single-agent Opdivo are still alive four and five years later.

Exploring the Next Steps for Immunotherapy in Kidney Cancer

June 3rd 2016

What are the next steps for immunotherapy in RCC? CURE spoke with Mark Ball to find out.

Lenvima and Afinitor Approved for Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma

May 14th 2016

After a phase 2 study, Lenvima and Afinitor gained FDA approval for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma.

Novel Drug Combination Shows Promise in Small, Early Phase Study of Kidney Cancer

May 9th 2016

“This is a small-site, single-arm study, but these preliminary data are encouraging,” says lead study author Roberto Pili. “It suggests that this combination of an HDAC inhibitor can induce a greater benefit with an immunotherapy — in this case, IL-2.”

Predicting Response in Kidney and Bladder Cancer Remains in a State of Flux

May 9th 2016

Despite advances in treatment for bladder cancer and RCC, there is still an unmet need for navigating biomarkers that will offer insight as to which patients will respond best to treatment.

High Hopes for Immunotherapy Combinations in Kidney Cancer

May 6th 2016

“There are a lot of drugs, many targets, and still no cures,” says Figlin. “There is still an unmet need, despite the plethora of agents that have been approved in this space.”

Examining the Role of Surgery in Kidney Cancer

April 11th 2016

As treatments for kidney cancer continue to evolve, oncologists, surgeons and patients are faced with a number of questions.

Oncologists Should Think 'Immunotherapy First' in Kidney Cancer, Expert Says

April 8th 2016

The field of immunotherapy has been revitalized thanks to the approval of checkpoint inhibitors, and according to Mario Sznol, this could prove beneficial to patients with RCC.

In Kidney Cancer Treatment, KCA Has Fostered Advancement

March 8th 2016

The Kidney Cancer Association was part of the force behind the many kidney cancer advancements in the past decade, but they won't stop there.

Combo With Immunotherapy Offers New Option in Kidney Cancer Treatment

February 19th 2016

New pathways for secondary-line treatment are coming available to patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma.

Cometriq Demonstrates Survival Benefit After Kidney Cancer Progression

February 4th 2016

Cometriq elicited a statistically significant improvement in survival compared with Afinitor as a treatment for patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma following progression on one prior therapy.

Cometriq Improves Outcomes in High-Risk Kidney Cancer Subgroups

January 9th 2016

Cometriq significantly improved progression-free survival versus Afinitor in patients with renal cell carcinoma regardless of the degree of metastases, type or number of prior treatments, or patient risk status.

FDA Approves Opdivo for Metastatic Kidney Cancer

November 24th 2015

The approval was based on an extension in overall survival (OS) in the CheckMate-025 trial.

FDA Grants Priority Review to Opdivo for Kidney Cancer

November 18th 2015

As part of this program, the FDA plans to take action on the drug's application within six months instead of the standard 10 months under regular review.