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Barbara Tako
Breast cancer survivor shares how she approaches her ongoing chemo brain.
Kim Johnson
Knowing that my sister gained remission gives me an immense bias, but ask the question, “Good or bad?” now and my answer may just be, “hard to tell.”
Bonnie Annis
Many breast cancer survivors choose to adorn their chests with beautiful designs in an effort to camouflage unsightly scars. Could this practice be dangerous to their health? Read one survivor's viewpoint.
Jane Biehl, Ph.D.
Sometimes a kind gesture can mean the world to someone going through a tough time.
Kelly Irvin
Some patients refer to this as their cancerversary. With two years in the rear-view mirror, I’m calling it my Everything-From-Here-On-Out-Is-Gravy Day.
Doris Cardwell
Many people don't realize they are putting pressure on those walking though cancer to keep a good attitude. There are days we all need to be able to acknowledge that it can be difficult.
Dana Stewart
When we are in situations in which others will see our cancer scars, do we have to explain them or worry about what someone else thinks?
Bonnie Annis
Cancer isn't only a horrible disease, she's a great teacher. Here are some of the lessons she's taught me along my journey.
Barbara Tako
Breast cancer survivor tries to make rational choices based on newer genetic testing results.
Bonnie Annis
A recurrence is always a possibility for any victim of cancer, but should survivors expect a recurrence? If so, how can they prepare for that possibility?

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