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Georgia Hurst

Georgia Hurst is a patient advocate for those with Lynch syndrome. She has the MLH1 mutation and fortunately has never had any cancer. She is the co-creator of #GenCSM (Genetic Cancer Social Media) on Twitter, and her advocacy work has afforded her opportunities to write for medical journals, various websites and genetic testing companies, as well as collaborate as a stakeholder for the National Academy of Sciences: Genomics and Population Health Collaborative. Her loves include: her son, her dog, books, photography, long walks in the woods, and seeking out fungi after the rain. Her motto is: "There is enough misery in the world – there’s no need to contribute to it.”

Georgia Hurst
All of this fuss over frequent cancer prevention begs the question: To what end will I try to fight cancer and for how long?
Georgia Hurst
Whenever I thought about my brother and his death, I used to feel tremendous survivor's guilt. He never knew he had Lynch syndrome when he was diagnosed with colon cancer.
Georgia Hurst
When I was diagnosed with a hereditary cancer syndrome, I had feelings of death anxiety.
Georgia Hurst
Genetic testing in children is a highly complex topic, and it is something which I frequently think about because of my son.
Georgia Hurst
When I was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome seven years ago, I began blogging about the roller coaster of emotions I experienced after undergoing genetic testing and prophylactic surgeries.
Georgia Hurst
Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Lynch syndrome, a hereditary cancer condition which significantly increases my chances of developing early-onset cancer.
Georgia Hurst
In honor of Ovarian Cancer Month, it is only appropriate for me to discuss ovarian cancer. "Ovarian cancer" are two of the scariest words in any language for a woman to hear screening for it at this time is poor and more often than not, by the time it is detected it is too late.
Georgia Hurst
Of the possible 1,000,000 Lynch syndrome carriers in the USA alone, it is estimated that only about 5 percent have been tested.
Georgia Hurst
There are about one million people in the United States with Lynch syndrome and yet, it is estimated that only 5 percent of this particular population is aware of the fact they hold one of the five Lynch syndrome genes.
Georgia Hurst
Lynch syndrome is an inherited cancer susceptibility syndrome caused by mutations in one of five DNA mismatch repair (MMR) genes.

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