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CURE's Top 5 Stories: May 2018
June 04, 2018 – Jessica Skarzynski
Patient Legacy Lives On Thanks to Music Industry Help
May 31, 2018 – Jessica Skarzynski
Differences in Multiple Myeloma are Key to Treatment Options
May 31, 2018 – Jessica Skarzynski
PARP Inhibitors Continue to Impress in the Ovarian Cancer Space
May 30, 2018 – Caroline Seymour
Neoadjuvant Therapy Becoming More Popular in Ovarian Cancer Treatment
May 30, 2018 – Jessica Skarzynski
FDA Grants Gilteritinib a Priority Review for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Treatment
May 29, 2018 – Jason M. Broderick
Larotrectinib Granted Priority Review for NTRK-Positive Cancers
May 29, 2018 – Jason M. Broderick
An Unstoppable Force in Nursing
May 28, 2018 – Randi Solden, B.S., RN, OCN, Penn Medicine Virtua Cancer Program
Half of Five-Year Survivors of Breast Cancer Are Not Receiving Recommended Post-Surgery Mammograms
May 25, 2018 – Brielle Urciuoli

CURE's Top 5 Stories: May 2018

Take a look at the top five CURE stories of May 2018 in this video. 
BY Jessica Skarzynski
PUBLISHED June 04, 2018

Here are the top 5 CURE stories for May 2018.

5. Surveillance of Survivors Can Save Lives
Second cancers are common among patients with lung cancer. We explore the risk factors and how they can be avoided in this piece, featured in our CURE Special Issue on Lung Cancer.

4. My New Normal Isn’t Quite So New Anymore
In this piece, CURE contributor Bonnie Annis explains how redefining “normal” is a vital part of a cancer survivor's post diagnosis timeline.

3. How to Talk to Kids About Cancer
CURE sat down with a childhood development specialist and a colorectal cancer survivor who offered firsthand advice on how to discuss a cancer diagnosis with children of any age.

2. The Special Relationship with My Oncologist
After years of distrust, CURE contributor Jane Biehl recalls how finding the right oncologist was like striking gold.

1. Mental Health Awareness Following a Cancer Diagnosis
With Mental Health Awareness Month coming to a close, this blog explores how openly discussing post-diagnosis mental health changes can improve mind and body wellness.

And in related news, CURE Media Group hosted two events at the Oncology Nursing Society’s 43rd Annual Congress in Washington, D.C.

On May 17th, Christine Stone was selected as this year’s recipient of the Extraordinary Healer Award for Oncology Nursing, and the first-ever Bone Health Champions gala was held on May 18th. Both events honored oncology nurses who have committed themselves to educating patients, raising awareness and making advancements in their fields.

For recaps on these events, along with all of our top stories, visit
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