Cancer Survivors Reflect on a Day of Celebration and Inspiration

To commemorate National Cancer Survivors Day on June 7, CURE® invited its readers to share their encouraging stories of survival.
PUBLISHED June 08, 2020
Celebrated each year on the first Sunday in June, National Cancer Survivors Day gives people living with a history of cancer the chance to connect with their peers, celebrate milestones and acknowledge those who have helped them during their journey.
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To commemorate National Cancer Survivors Day on June 7, CURE® asked its readers to share their encouraging stories of survival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Here, we highlight some of those stories:
  • “19-year NHL-Mantle Cell Lymphoma Survivor!” - WH
  • “14-year breast cancer survivor. 5-year anal cancer survivor. I am so blessed.” - KCS
  • “10 years ago, I was knee deep in radiation following colon and then breast cancer diagnoses. There isn't a day off of fear of recurrence or some fresh hell brought by ‘treatment’. Not one day.” - DM
  • “14.5 years stable, stage 4 neuroendocrine tumors with syndrome. Living life to my fullest ability.” - SMM
  • “Grateful for getting through it. Soon to be a 13-year survivor in August.” - AP
  • “I had colon cancer in 2005, so I have 1/2 of colon. It could be much worse. Thank God. God bless all of you and your families who are suffering right now.” - DP
  • “18-year stage 3b non-small cell lung cancer survivor!!” - MH
  • “26-year HD Lymphoma Survivor, 2-year Melanoma Survivor” - AJH
  • “It’s almost 12 years (since) I learned I had cancer. I’m alive even though my chances were not favorable. Every day is a blessing and a gift. I take nothing for granted.” RLG
  • “Our survivor AJ, Ewing's Sarcoma, 6 years NED.” - CFH
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